Alessio Pace

Alessio Pace

Brand Manager & Freelance Project Manager

About Me

I'm a Business Designer from Sicily.

I am very determinate, always eager to learn and get better and better. I am flexible in everything I do and always ready to take a step back if I realize that someone in my group has a better idea than mine. If the person who had a better idea is in another group, instead, I put all my effort in doing better.

My Skills

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Human Resources Management

Personal Info

  • NameAlessio Pace
  • Age23
  • Address94 Via San Francesco - Italy, Pisa
  • Phone+39 392 789 8882
  • FreelanceNot Available



Alessio mi ha ascoltata e capita, ha colto nel segno per realizzare al meglio ciò che desiderassi!

Martina Gennai

Idee innovative e professionalità lo contraddistinguono.

Massimo Savino


  • Pay-Per-Click

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

Graphic Design
  • Logos

  • User Interface Design

  • Graphical Design

Start Up
  • Business Development

  • First Kick Strategies

  • Exit Planning

  • Digital Analytics

  • Better Planning

  • Start-up Firms



Designer & Co-Founder

Welco is the device which allows you to connect your home/office intercom to your smartphone or to your tablet. Our product will make you control your home wherever you are; in few easy steps, following the online manual, you will have your Welco ready to be used without calling for assistance or installation technician.

Welco Labs
2012 Onwards
CEO & Founder

Invent and build innovative advertising campaigns. My role involves prudence and good communicative as well as management skills.
Project Manager

Ho ideato e gestito un progetto di rivalutazione della brand identity aziendale nel contesto universitario.

McDonald's Pisa


Engineering Management

To provide the basic tools for business and process management in order to analyze a balance sheet, to make investments analysis, to manage stock, to analyze, map and reengineer a process.

University of Pisa
Scientific High School

I've got a basic knowledge about scientific subjects.

Scientific High School "V. Fardella"



My Location

94 Via San Francesco
Pisa, Italy

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